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  • Mangotastic

    Sourz Mango, lemonade and fresh orange juice
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  • Apple Bob

    Sourz Apple, ginger ale and a squeeze of lemon
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  • Purple Witch

    Sourz Cherry and Bols Blue topped up with lemonade
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  • Dracula's Kiss

    Sourz Raspberry, a dash of cranberry juice topped up with lemonade
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  • Black Magic

    Sourz Raspberry and Stolichnaya Vanil topped up with cola
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  • Apple and Elderflower Fizz

    Sourz Apple, elderflower cordial and lemonade
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  • Raspberry & Cream

    Sourz Raspberry and cream soda
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  • Tickled Pink

    Crushed ice, 50ml Sourz Raspberry, fresh lime & cola
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  • Raspberry Ripple

    Sourz Raspberry, lemonade
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  • Cranapple

    Sourz Raspberry, lemonade, cranberry juice
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  • Cherry Cola

    Sourz Cherry and cola with a wedge of lime
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  • Bourbon Cherry Fizz

    Sourz Cherry, Jim Beam, cola
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  • Be My Valentine

    Sourz Cherry and Sourz Raspberry, topped up with soda
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  • Tropical Sunrise

    Sourz Tropical, topped up with Fanta/Orange juice & lemonade
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  • Big Apple

    Sourz Apple, squeezed lemon juice topped with lemonade
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  • Baltic Blackcurrant

    Sourz Blackcurrant and vodka topped with lemonade
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  • Orange Orchard Crush

    Sourz Apple and vodka topped with lemonade and garnished with orange
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  • Purple Rain

    Sourz Cherry and blue curaçao topped with lemonade
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  • Over the Rainbow

    Take 2 parts Sourz Rainbow Ice, 5 parts bitter lemon and a wedge of lime, served over ice. Enjoy!
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  • Apple Cheesecake

    Sourz Apple and Bols Yoghurt
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  • Mango Choc

    Sourz Mango and Stoli Chocolat Kokonut
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  • Mad Apple

    Sourz Apple and St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
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  • Berries and Crème

    Sourz Raspberry, Bols White Crème de Cacao, Bols Yoghurt
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  • Berrytastic

    Sourz Mango, Sourz Raspberry and Stoli Choc/Raspberry
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  • Sour Bourbon

    Sourz Apple and Red Stag layered
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  • Sweet Bourbon

    Sourz Apple, Red Stag and Bols Yoghurt
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Apple Cheesecake

2 parts Sourz Apple
1 part Bols Yoghurt
Layer the ingredients over a bar spoon carefully in the given order.