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  • Mangotastic

    Sourz Mango, lemonade and fresh orange juice
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  • Apple Bob

    Sourz Apple, ginger ale and a squeeze of lemon
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  • Purple Witch

    Sourz Cherry and Bols Blue topped up with lemonade
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  • Dracula's Kiss

    Sourz Raspberry, a dash of cranberry juice topped up with lemonade
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  • Black Magic

    Sourz Raspberry and Stolichnaya Vanil topped up with cola
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  • Apple and Elderflower Fizz

    Sourz Apple, elderflower cordial and lemonade
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  • Raspberry & Cream

    Sourz Raspberry and cream soda
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  • Tickled Pink

    Crushed ice, 50ml Sourz Raspberry, fresh lime & cola
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  • Raspberry Ripple

    Sourz Raspberry, lemonade
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  • Cranapple

    Sourz Raspberry, lemonade, cranberry juice
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  • Cherry Cola

    Sourz Cherry and cola with a wedge of lime
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  • Bourbon Cherry Fizz

    Sourz Cherry, Jim Beam, cola
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  • Be My Valentine

    Sourz Cherry and Sourz Raspberry, topped up with soda
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  • Tropical Sunrise

    Sourz Tropical, topped up with Fanta/Orange juice & lemonade
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  • Big Apple

    Sourz Apple, squeezed lemon juice topped with lemonade
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  • Baltic Blackcurrant

    Sourz Blackcurrant and vodka topped with lemonade
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  • Orange Orchard Crush

    Sourz Apple and vodka topped with lemonade and garnished with orange
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  • Purple Rain

    Sourz Cherry and blue curaçao topped with lemonade
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  • Over the Rainbow

    Take 2 parts Sourz Rainbow Ice, 5 parts bitter lemon and a wedge of lime, served over ice. Enjoy!
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  • Apple Cheesecake

    Sourz Apple and Bols Yoghurt
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  • Mango Choc

    Sourz Mango and Stoli Chocolat Kokonut
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  • Mad Apple

    Sourz Apple and St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
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  • Berries and Crème

    Sourz Raspberry, Bols White Crème de Cacao, Bols Yoghurt
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  • Berrytastic

    Sourz Mango, Sourz Raspberry and Stoli Choc/Raspberry
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  • Sour Bourbon

    Sourz Apple and Red Stag layered
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  • Sweet Bourbon

    Sourz Apple, Red Stag and Bols Yoghurt
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Bourbon Cherry Fizz

Fill a glass with ice
Squeeze a fresh orange wedge over and drop in the glass
Pour over one shot of Sourz Cherry
Add one shot of Jim Beam
Top up with cola
Pour ingredients over cubed ice, starting with a citrus squeeze, swizzle.